The material Blue Nile is an exotic granite extracted in Brazil. With a combination of blue, white and brown elements and a beautiful flowing pattern comprised of luminous crystals of varying sizes. Blue Nile offers a nice balance between striking and serine and can be presented either way depending upon the surrounding décor.

Blue Nile has unique features and movements, a combination of colors can be different, especially while allowing the composition with other colors and materials.


Blue Nile is modern and versatile

Close Up

Extraction: Extracted from Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil.
Type of finish: Polished, Brushed and Honed.
Thickness: 02cm and 03cm.
Utilization: Indoors and outdoors. Countertop, sink, tiles, paving, facade and walls.

Technical Data

ASTM* Test Method Value English
Absorption by Weight, % C97 0.45
Density, lbs/ft3, (kg/cm³) C97 2.616
Compressive Strength, psi, (Mpa) C170 126.1
Attrition in 500m (mm) C241 0.33
Flexural Strength, psi, (Mpa) C880 9.4

Color representation is for sample purposes only. Actual product can vary in color, crystal structure and movement.
Technical information is for a frame of reference only as specific values will vary through out the range of the stone.

The Quarry

Blue Nile surprises also in architecture and interior design

Indicated for internal and external projects. Granite is a natural stone with high resistance used for a great diversity of projects, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, facades, among others.

The Blue Nile has a wide range of applications and can be produced in polished or leather finish, facilitating trends in architecture and interior design.


Blue Nile can be used indoor and outdoor, in residential and commercial environments, it is resistant and can be applied in areas of large traffic of people, such as shopping malls and airports.

Granite exotic Blue Nile as trend in decoration

The Blue Nile granite has a unique and unmistakable appearance and a personality all of its own.

Outside your paging creates very attractive effects and can be used on walls for rooms, floors, pilasters or whatever your imagination tells you.

The color offered by Blue Nile makes the most pleasant area and brings a sense of well being. It brings calm to the project. Bet on Blue Nile!


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